Military Aircraft Upgrades C-130

IAI’s Lahav Division has developed a C-130 upgrade package that includes the following:

  • Data integration to the “Data Centers” – MFD (Multi Functional Displays) and CDU (Control Display Unit).
    Dual FMS – providing IFR and Tactical Navigation & Guidance.
  • Flight-safety enhancements by the use of an advanced Terrain Avoidance Warning System (TAWS), Enhanced Traffic Collision Avoidance System (ETCAS), Weather Radar and Windshear alert.
  • Intuitive control and advanced capabilities of the Digital Flight Control System (DFCS), enabling CAT II landing approach.
    Integration of full civil airways, terminal, approach and airport data, with the military flight plan and operational data, in the squadron-level Mission Planning System to provide the crew with automatic flight-plan and database.
  • Optional systems and sensors include: EW suit, HUD, FLIR, NVG

The centralized, open architecture approach used for the C-130 avionics system is based on using a single operational software program, which is the only software requiring update for the integration of new systems. This approach provides the flexibility to use Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) elements and enables the tailoring of the avionics package to meet the customer’s exact requirements.

The display system consists of four 6 x 8 inch Multi Functional Color Displays (MFD), which integrate and present the required data for each mission phase. Each display can show data from any combination of sensors. Any crewmember can create his/her desktop environment to achieve the optimum task distribution, teamwork and cockpit resource management within the crew-station.

The upgrade package extends the aircraft operational life, reduces ownership costs, and provides for improved crew efficiency and operational capability. The new systems used in the upgrade package result in improved overall reliability, reduced maintenance costs and provide substantial growth potential for future needs.

The upgraded C-130’s systems enhance flight safety and crew efficiency by reducing the pilots’ workload. This is achieved by using an advanced display system and integrating the data presented to the crew thereby allowing them to concentrate on the operational and flight-safety tasks.

The upgraded C-130 avionics system meets all the Global Air Traffic Management (GATM) requirements, thus enabling worldwide operation for the next 20 years.