Advanced Dual-Guidance Air-Launched Munition (ADGALM)

Armed conflicts where regular military forces face non-state organizations present frequent situations where legitimate targets are located within uninvolved populations. In many cases, enemy elements intentionally deploy among non-combatants in the hope of preventing the other side from attacking, owing to the concern of harming innocent civilians.

These situations call for the employment of Precision-Guided Munitions (PGMs) – weapons that may be delivered with pinpoint accuracy, thereby minimizing collateral damage to uninvolved parties and to property, reducing the risk to personnel (e.g. aircrews) and enabling the user to employ fewer munitions to eliminate each target, while at the same time ensuring maximum lethality against the targets being engaged.

ACS presents ADGALM – Advanced Dual-Guidance (Laser-GPS) Air-Launched Munition.

ADGALM is a medium-size gliding bomb launched by fighter aircraft. It carries a 92kg penetrating warhead and is fitted with a programmable electronic fuse that determines its trajectory.

Launched from the air in accordance with real-time intelligence, ADGALM offers a prompt and effective solution to the short life-cycle of targets on today’s battlefield.

Fitted with combat-proven seeker that gained an extensive track record of excellent battlefield reliability, ADGALM guarantees pinpoint accuracy, enhanced penetration and superior lethality, thereby ensuring effective engagement of intended targets and minimum collateral damage.

Advanced Features

  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • Self-designation or external designation
  • Enhanced penetration
  • Superior lethality
  • Minimum collateral damage
  • Programmable detonation
  • Effective against urban targets and light fortifications
  • Combat-proven seeker
  • Guidance modes:
    • GPS
    • Laser designation
    • Combined Laser/GPS
  • Physical characteristics:
    • Total weight: 115kg
    • Warhead weight: 92kg
    • Length: 170cm
    • Diameter: 208mm
    • Accuracy (Laser-guided): CEP <1m
    • Penetration: up to 3 floors
  • Seeker characteristics:
    • Field of regard: 100° cone
    • FOV: 40°


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