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ACS offers technologies fundamental to establishing strategic and tactical air superiority.  Such technologies have been applied to fighter, military transport, and combat helicopter assets by multiple militaries and agencies worldwide.

Our extensive range of products and services includes:

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
  • Mission aircraft
  • Loitering munitions
  • Aircraft systems, assemblies and parts
  • Airborne radars
  • Airborne electronic warfare (EW), ECCM, SIGINT, ELINT & COMINT systems
  • Airborne electro-optical surveillance systems & payloads
  • Mid-air collision prevention systems
  • Airborne navigation systems
  • Airborne communication systems
  • Mission planning & analysis systems
  • Command, control & communication systems
  • Training services
  • Aircraft (fixed & rotary wing) modernization, upgrading, conversion, overhauling & maintenance
  • Operational support & maintenance services

Additional information on select product categories is available via the pull-down below.  Please contact ACS directly at +31-20-811-5091 or at for additional information or for specific inquiries.