Accurate Precision Ammunition

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ACS OEMs multiple light and medium duty precision (CEP < .7m) munition variants customized for specific platform and mission types.  Munitions are designed with maximum versatility allowing for launch from vehicles, tanks, APCs, and fixed installations against multiple red force assets and threat locations.   Available warheads include day and night high explosive, anti-tank, combined penetration and fragmentation, anti-personnel, and semi active laser homing among others.

Line of Sight (LOS) and non-LOS laser and GPS guidance options allow for pinpoint accuracies at long standoff ranges while multiple trajectory options allow for effective penetration.  Target designation can be provided by multiple assets including in-theatre soldiers, UAVs, satellite links and other options.  In all cases, soldier survivability and mission effectiveness are maximized by technologies which produce small launch signatures allowing for long stand-off ranges, and anti-jamming algorithms which counter enemy jamming technologies.

ACS also offers easily installable kits which convert general purpose bombs and rockets to highly precise (CEP < 1m) dual laser and GPS guided munitions.  These kits include gyro stabilized seekers with proportional navigation guidance and are capable of steep, basic ballistic, and shallow trajectories. Kits are easily installed in minutes and include laser seekers, servos and tail assemblies.  Very minor modifications are required to the launch assets and missile/rocket launch canisters.

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