Aerial Surveillance Systems 

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ACS offers multiple airborne surveillance options including satellite, UAV, traditional fighter, and helicopter based solutions.   ACS OEMed products include optical and thermal electro-optics, advanced stabilization gimbals, multiple control-mode software algorithms, as well as by aperture radars.

ACS airborne surveillance systems are widely deployed in support of a diverse mission sets including:

  • Target acquisition
  • Fire management
  • Border control
  • Survey of out-of-range areas
  • Long-range interdiction
  • Damage assessment
  • Search & rescue
  • Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) patrol
  • Law enforcement support
  • Fisheries monitoring
  • Environmental & agricultural monitoring

Additional information on select product categories is available by selecting the icons below.  Please contact ACS directly at +31-20-811-5091 or at for additional information or specific inquiries.

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