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To maximize safety and effectiveness of airborne training exercises, ACS offers its fully-digital Flight Profile Recorder pod.  The FPR pod provides pilots and ground based staff a detailed air situational awareness picture and the ability to monitor the flight details of a given assets, as well as that asset’s position relative to other blue and red force training participants and other military and commercial aircraft.  The FPR can be easily and quickly integrated into many fighter and helicopter platforms to provide not only location and aircraft performance parameters, but also autonomous and precise “watch dog” warning alerts such as:

  • Mid-air collision warning
  • Terrain collision warning
  • Leaving restricted airspace warning
  • G-force limit warning
  • Overspeed limit warning

ACS’ complete training system suite includes the FPR pod, ground monitoring and debriefing stations, and data manager systems.  Additional FPR modules are available to support specific training needs.

The current FPR system has become the NATO training standard and has been integrated to different airborne assets.

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