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ACS has extensive experience in the development and manufacture of state-of-the-art air-defense systems and OEMs all elements for such systems.

New system offerings including complete very short-to-long, low-to-high altitude range capabilities are provided in highly mobile, quickly deployable configurations. Advanced active seeker technologies allow for all weather operations, while a pulse system motor enables maneuverability which is combat proven in countering rocket, missile, helicopter, and aircraft threats.  A full function command, control and communications center allows for multiple engagements during a severe saturation attack scenario.

Aside from new system deployments, ACS technologies can be used to upgrade and modernize legacy air-defense systems. To date, we have supplied air-defense systems to numerous clients around the world and our systems have been proven operationally.  Our upgrading and modernization projects normally include the following activities:

  • Integration of state-of-the-art sensors (radar and/or electro-optical sensors) providing day/night/all-weather surveillance
  • Upgrading of existing anti-aircraft gun systems for remote and/or automatic operations
  • Addition of command & control elements allowing for coordination between surveillance elements and fire units, thus optimizing the target engagement effectiveness
  • Upgrading of system immunity to ECM and saturation attacks

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