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The mission capabilities of many military aircraft and helicopter platforms can be significantly enhanced by ACS electronic system upgrades. ACS offered electronic suite upgrades and mission conversions focus on critical systems including communications, navigation, radar, anti-collision warning, weapon systems, and fire controller enhancements.

ACS to date has modernized or converted few hundreds aircraft for air forces globally.  Each program has proven to be economically superior and to have much, much shorter lead times when compared to outright purchase of new assets. Further, each has proven to have near equal or equal performance to many brand new aircraft.

ACS offers – mobile, ground based front-line C4 systems to provide ongoing air situational awareness and real time command & control.  Datalinks are used extensively to locally communicate with, and coordinate in-theatre airborne platforms. Capabilities provided include mission planning, real-time mission execution, and post operation debriefing and analysis.

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