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ACS sensor and communications technologies are complemented by its vast experience in multi-agency security, surveillance, and intelligence systems. Competencies built in these sectors give ACS the ability to define CONOPS based on requirements from various stakeholder agencies, customize solution workspaces for each, and build efficient data handling and analysis routines to share a common situational awareness picture and optimally coordinate responses based on pooled resources.

ACS capabilities include:

  • Completing cross-agency needs intakes with stakeholders
  • Developing system operational CONOPS addressing multi-agency needs
  • Completing site assessment of existing sensor and communication infrastructure
  • Design and supply of system datacenters and disaster recovery centers
  • Deployment of sensor & communications infrastructure
  • Operations and Maintenance support

System operations such as day-2-day sensor monitoring & review, data synchronization to obtain new informational insights, coordination, and system diagnostic are aided by application of data fusion engines, analytics, and hierarchical artificial intelligence. Such systems are very complex and successful deployments known for ACS.