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Analytics are vital in all effective homeland security and defense applications.  Multiple sensor and intelligence data sources feed into massive storage and processing subsystems.  Without the support of advanced analytics, the risk of missing vital and game-changing data, information, and correlations increases exponentially.

ACS offers analytics suites for all its data centric solutions.  These range from analytics which monitor mega video streams for individuals, to data fusion algorithms which analyze for specific correlations and otherwise unrelated events, ACS analytics today are being used to:

  • Determine most likely insurgent border crossing points based on topography and sensor network data
  • To fuse event information and suggest optimized response/mitigation across multiple government agencies
  • To identify specific individuals/events on mass transit systems
  • To prioritize and assign responder crews in natural disaster events (e.g. 100 year rain events)
  • To fuse multiple EW platform sources in national level joint center

ACS represents multiple fusion and analytics patents and has an extensive library of configurations, algorithms, and reports.  These have been deployed at system, branch, and national level.  Our suite can be easily customized for your specific needs.

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