Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 

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ACS has been a leading innovator in high-endurance, air-superiority UAV technology for decades.   During this period, ACS’s multiple ISR /HLS UAV  have deployed globally.

ACS UAVs consist of multiple proven platforms ranging from short urban tactical, to medium and tactical ISR platforms.  Each are capable of multiple operational configurations for intelligence, persistent surveillance, and other.  Propulsion options include gasoline, diesel, and electrical powering.

ACS’ range of UAV platforms is complimented by ACS OEMed payloads,  Proven and available payload families include:

  • Electro optical (TV, Infra-red, laser range finder/designator, and any combination of these)
  • Patrol and SAR radars

Further, ACS offers its own sophisticated ground control stations which are customized to the client’s exacting needs.  Offerings range from simplified container based command & control, to combined multi-mission and intelligence centers where UAV operator, ISR and intelligence analysts, and decision makers monitor multiple, con-current missions.

Additional information on select product categories is available, please contact at info@acs-tech.nl for additional information or specific inquiries.