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ACS integrates multiple OEMed technologies to provide increased blue force lethality, while increasing its survivability.  Deployed and relied on solutions include:

  • Battle management systems
  • Short and medium-range laser & GPS guided missiles & bombs
  • Troop and asset battlefield identification & communication systems
  • Close-in, weaponized ISR mini-drones & loitering weapons
  • Multi-mission robotic systems (UGVs)
  • Fixed asset and mobile EOD, radar and inertial navigation payloads
  • Platform integrated combat, targeting and firing systems
  • Very short & short-range radar & missile defense systems
  • Counter IED and mine detection systems
  • On-the-move communication systems
  • Integrated fire and targeting systems
  • Navigation systems
  • Fixed, Mobile Electro-optical surveillance systems

ACS also has developed competencies in applying technologies which convert otherwise obsolete equipment to modern, highly effective defense systems, resulting in major capital expenditure savings.

ACS is competent at evaluating the client’s needs, devising the best complete, integrated solutions and eventually – fully integrating system of systems.

Our turnkey land solutions we offer are combat proven and based on our unique Total Suit Support concept, which includes documentation, training, operational, spare parts and maintenance services.