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ACS OEMs complete ranges of short, medium, long, and extended-range electro-optic product families. These families provide solutions for day/night reconnaissance, surveillance, intelligence gathering, target acquisition, fire adjustment, damage assessment, search & rescue, border and coastal patrol, environmental monitoring & control, and other uses.  Packaged systems include data links, control and display stations, and extended stand-off range for increased survivability.

ACS is one of a handful of suppliers which still develops its own digital format sensors, stabilization gimbals, and image quality enhancement algorithms.   These and other competencies are applied to produce:

  • Miniaturized/portable target & acquisition systems
  • Thermal imagers
  • Dual wavelength laser pointers & range finders (eye-safe)
  • Zoom lens including extended long range
  • Manual, auto-track, slave, scanning mode operations
  • High-definition continuous zoom cameras
  • Hovermast & aerostat based EOD solutions

Interface modules for multiple platforms are available which seamlessly integrate electro-optic payloads into various vehicle types, turrets, UAVs, aerostats, and other assets.  Further, multiple miniature EOD sensors can be packed within a hermetically sealed enclosure, deployed by a single soldier, and operated and controlled from a distant and secure location while providing very high-quality images.