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ACS has been a global leader in the evolution of robotics technologies. ACS offers a wide-range of advanced robotics solutions for both defense and homeland security markets.  These solutions are compatible with any platform, regardless of size, weight, mission, or operational terrain.   ACS develops and integrates the following cutting-edge robotics technologies:

  • Command & control: mission planning, execution, debrief
  • Navigation systems: real-time communication, semi-autonomous, autonomous
  • Communications: wideband, low latency, LOS, NLOS, encrypted
  • Mapping: obstacle/object classification & path planning
  • Weapons integration: canister missiles/rockets, light machine guns
  • Sensor integration: radars, EODs, detectors, EW, fire locators
  • Counter IED/mine: detectors, initiators, manipulators
  • Training: simulation, mission planning, autonomous operations

Multi-unit, proven UGV platforms have been deployed to patrol and protect military bases, critical assets, airports, and land borders.  Also, in support of troop activities including infantry porter duties, route clearance, bulldozing, and convoy & logistics support among others.