Mini-Size Versatile Electro-Optical Surveillance Payload (Mini-VESPA)

Situational awareness is the key to success in any combat operation and security effort, and surveillance is one of the primary building blocks of situational awareness.

Military, paramilitary, HLS, law enforcement and security organizations require cost-effective, versatile surveillance and targeting systems that are easy to install, maintain and operate, and which effectively provide input to their situational awareness systems and support tactical operations.

Along with radar sensors, optical and thermal sensors are the most important and widely-used sensors in today’s surveillance systems.  These state-of-the-art optical and thermal sensors can be encapsulated into efficient and stabilized payloads, combined with such active measures as laser rangefinders and pointers to form different operational configurations, and employed in an extensive range of combat, defense and security applications in the air, at sea and on the ground.

ACS presents Mini-VESPA – Mini-Size Versatile Electro-Optical Surveillance Payload.

Mini-VESPA is a small, lightweight, stabilized electro-optical surveillance payload for airborne, seaborne and ground applications.

The basic Mini-VESPA model includes a day-time and a night-time camera (thermal imager). More elaborate versions can accommodate up to four elements including a laser pointer, a laser rangefinder and an Automatic Video Tracker.

The miniaturized Mini-VESPA payload may be fitted to small UAVs, small naval vessels and land vehicles.

Features & Specifications:

  • Suitable to military, paramilitary, HLS and security applications and to small platforms including UAVs, armored vehicles, UGVs and small naval vessels
  • Day and night operation
  • Effective stabilization for excellent image quality
  • Targeting configuration includes additional laser pointer and rangefinder
  • Payload can accommodate up to four elements: day/night sensors, lasers and a video tracker
  • Remotely controlled through an RS422 serial communication port or a manual control unit (optional)
  • Payload constitutes a single LRU
  • Compact, lightweight, versatile surveillance payload
  • Specifications:
    • Dimensions: 8″ (204mm) diameter, 11″+13.25″ (280mm+336mm) high, depending on configuration
    • Weight: 6.5-9.5 kg, depending on configuration
    • Stabilization: < 50 µRad
    • Field of regard: 360° continuous (azimuth); -100° to +25° (elevation)
    • Slew rate: up to 120°/sec.
    • Power consumption: < 150 W (average), 250 W (maximum), depending on configuration
    • Communication port: RS422
    • Thermal imager: 320 x 240 pixels, 480 x 384 pixels (optional: 640 x 480 pixels), FOV 2°-22°
    • Daytime camera: CCD color, NIR filter, FOV 1.6° to 42°
    • Optional sensors: laser range finder, laser pointer, Automatic Video Tracker


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