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ACS offers a comprehensive range of single-branded maritime systems as well as individual products for naval and coast guard forces and marine applications.

In cooperation with major European and Middle Eastern shipyards, ACS is uniquely positioned to deliver customized solutions for numerous vessel types and mission categories:

  • Shipborne combat suites
  • Naval situational awareness systems
  • Combat management systems
  • Naval gunnery fire control systems
  • Electro-optical surveillance systems
  • Surveillance and blue water Radars
  • Fire control Radars
  • Electronic Warfare (EW), ECCM, COMINT & ELINT systems
  • Weaponry including GPS and laser guided missiles, and loitering munitions
  • Air-defense systems
  • VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) UAVs
  • Manned and/or unmanned surface interceptors

ACS products have been applied to combatant, EEZ and coastal patrol, drug interdiction, oil spill detection, rescue and surveillance missions among others.