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ACS offers comprehensive Maritime Command & Control systems which are designed to provide optimized situational awareness and information management based on a radar, sonar, navigation fire control integration, integrated vessel suite, and 3rd party data sources. These system process and display data in order to provide a recognized maritime picture.  Data is collected from surveillance, navigation, sonar and weapons control radars to provide continuous update to a proprietary database maintained on a central computer.

ACS provides a Common Tactical Picture and Threat Evaluation to support all levels of decision making and controls resource allocation for engagements. Our system assures maximum effectiveness by utilizing advantages of each system available for the ship’s defense according to the situation.

ACS solutions are heavily integrated with hierarchical Command & Control systems, on-board sensors such as radars and EODs, on-board weaponry, and other support assets such as vertical take-off and landing UAVs and autonomous interceptors.  Each solution can be interfaced or integrated to hierarchial Command & Control systems.