Tactical Real-Time C4I System (TRTC41S)

All tactical operations require effective command and control.

The classic mission cycle consists of several activities, or stages, notably mission planning, preparations, actual execution and post-operation analysis and debriefing. All of these activities must be effectively supervised and managed according to doctrinal guidelines, standard operating procedures, relevant current input and evolving circumstances.

Modern Command, Control, Communication, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) systems are required to feature an extensive range of capabilities, so as to facilitate and support practically any type of activity in which the organization/s being supported may engage. These capabilities should include collection of intelligence and data, generation of a real-time status picture, support for charting/mapping, navigation and orientation, mission management, sensor and communication management, information and data dissemination and sharing and post-operation analysis and debriefing.

ACS presents TRTC4IS – Tactical Real-Time C4I System.

TRTC4IS is a state-of-the-art C4I system offering a comprehensive range of features and capabilities to enable users to effectively command tactical operations of any type.

TRTC4IS may run on any PC, laptop or tablet computer and is specifically configured to operate in hostile, rugged and unstable environments.

Utilizing a unique and highly-flexible system architecture, TRTC4IS can accommodate small to large-scale operations while offering future scalability options.

TRTC4IS can control and manage an extensive range of hardware and communication setups and interface with numerous sensors of various types.

TRTC4IS generates an on-going, real-time status picture of all relevant friendly and enemy forces.

Offering an extensive range of mapping and charting tools, TRTC4IS generates action plans that may be adapted to evolving circumstances in real time. Additionally, TRTC4IS supports 2D & 3D terrain analysis, navigation route planning and GPS positioning.

TRTC4IS collects, processes, edits and disseminates data as required in order to support the assembly of the real-time status picture, logging of events, reporting procedures and actual command and control processes. The system supports video capturing, display and distribution through various video sources.

TRTC4IS features a communication management module that enables the user to effectively use and manage an extensive range of communications, including radio networks, satellite communication, Wi-Fi networks, cellular and Ethernet communication. Encryption is a built-in feature.

Finally, TRTC4IS records all of the operational information for post-operation analysis and debriefing.

Key Features & Major Advantages

  • Cutting-edge tactical Command, Control, Communication, Computers & Intelligence system runs on any PC platform
  • Full support for the entire mission cycle: planning, preparation, execution & analysis (debriefing)
  • High quality situational awareness products
  • Modular design – sensors, hardware, communications & management modules
  • Extensive data collection, processing & dissemination capabilities
  • Unique system architecture, excellent flexibility & scalability
  • Adapted to operation in hostile & rugged environments
  • State-of-the-art management modules (missions, data, video, communications, sensors)
  • Mapping, charting & graphic capabilities
  • Navigation & orientation support
  • Data recording & storage for post-operation analysis & debriefing
  • Typical applications:
    • Military tactical & special operations
    • Counterterrorism operations
    • Police SWAT operations
    • Homeland security activities
    • Routine security & border protection operations
    • Smart City systems
    • Installation security
    • Mass-audience event security


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