Vehicle-Mounted Field Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance System (VMF-ISRS)

Military, paramilitary, security and law enforcement organizations are called upon to monitor areas of interest for various reasons, notably national and homeland security (e.g. border protection), combat support, prevention of criminal activity and peacekeeping.

The task of monitoring areas of interest normally involves the activities known as Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR).

ISR setups normally consist of stationary elements (e.g. sensors and processing, command & control centers) and mobile elements (air, sea & ground ISR platforms).

In some cases, resources normally deployed as stationary elements may be incorporated into mobile systems, thereby providing the user with agility, flexibility and versatility in deployment and operation.

ACS presents VMF-ISRS – Vehicle-Mounted Field Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance System.

VMF-ISRS is a mobile, versatile, fully integrated intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance system incorporating multiple sensors and resources and capable of fulfilling an extensive range of missions even under difficult terrain and adverse weather conditions.

As it is mounted on its own all-terrain or 4×4 vehicle or on a trailer towed by such a vehicle, VMF-ISRS may be deployed practically anywhere and employed as a stand-alone ISR station or as an element within a comprehensive ISR setup.

Combining cutting edge Radar, electro-optical, thermal (IR) and ComInt sensors with such additional resources as laser rangefinders, designators and pointers and its own command & control station, VMF-ISRS can detect, identify and track most targets within the area of interest.

The ultimate objective of VMF-ISRS is to provide the user with an on-going, real-time status picture of the area being monitored and the targets it contains at any given moment.

The command & control station of VMF-ISRS may be used to plan and conduct the execution of the ISR missions assigned to the system and display the status picture to the users. It has a built-in recording and debriefing subsystem and may be controlled by a single operator.

Key Features & Major Advantages

  • Multiple-sensor, self-contained ISR suit combined with a command & control station in a versatile mobile package
  • Modular design and sensor make-up
  • All-terrain mobility and rapid deployment owing to own ATV, 4×4 vehicle or trailer
  • Ground surveillance Radar system fully integrated with electro-optical sensor
  • Target acquisition capability enables prompt closure of sensor-to-shooter loop
  • Retractable mast in some configurations
  • Specifications:
    • Ground surveillance Radar system (360-degree coverage, track-while-scan)
    • Day/night electro-optical sensor
    • Full sensor integration (electro-optical sensor enslaved to Radar)
    • Optional laser resources (rangefinder, designator/pointer)
    • IR missile launch sensor
    • ComInt/DF system
    • Command & control system
  • May be fitted to various platforms such as trucks, Jeeps, ATVs, APCs and trailers


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