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Versatile Armored Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle (VATAV)

Operational mobility for military, paramilitary, security and law enforcement personnel often proves to be hindered by difficult environmental and terrain conditions and particularly by hostile opponents.

Mounted military, security and law enforcement personnel operating in hostile environments often face such difficulties and threats as makeshift road obstacles, hand-thrown and sling-catapulted rocks, Molotov cocktails, small arms fire, IEDs and vehicle ramming attacks.

For such forces, the operational mobility option must be maintained particularly under these circumstances.

ACS presents VATAV – Versatile Armored Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle, a modern and effective operational transport solution for forces in need of agile mobility while operating under difficult and hostile environmental conditions.

The VATAV is a light, armored, wheeled vehicle offering a convenient and safe operational transport option with excellent maneuverability and off-road performance. Occupants are effectively protected by solid armor plates while the vehicle still retains an excellent power-to-weight ratio.

VATAV is the newest version of a combat-proven design that has always excelled for its robust construction, durability, reliability and versatility.

The vehicle is easily adaptable to an extensive range of diversified missions and operational scenarios and may be converted and configured to fulfill specialized technical functions.

Typical applications include mechanized infantry operations in urban/built-up areas, rough terrain reconnaissance, peacekeeping, law enforcement, mounted assault, rescue and technical field support.

VATAV comes standard with a powerful engine, an efficient transmission/transfer case package and low operation and maintenance costs.

ACS also offers technical training and ILS packages.

Key Features & Major Advantages

  • Convenient & safe tactical mobility for up to 10 fully equipped troopers
  • Excellent off-road performance & maneuverability
  • Effective occupant protection
  • Combat-proven design – durable & reliable
  • State-of-the-art ergonomics
  • Readily adaptable to different missions, employment scenarios & specialized technical and tactical configurations
  • Cost-effective operation, maintenance & support
  • Comprehensive training & ILS packages
  • Specifications:
    • Power-to-weight ratio: 29:1
    • Weight, unloaded: 5,800 kg
    • Payload weight: 1,200 kg
    • Combat weight: 7,000 kg
    • Top speed: 115 km/h
    • Operational range: 800 km
    • Turning radius: 7.5 m
    • Engine: 6-cylinder, air-cooled, turbo-charged diesel with intercooler
    • Displacement: 6,472 liters
    • Rated HP: 204 @ 2,500 RPM
    • Fuel tank: 160 liters
    • Transmission: 4-speed automatic
    • Transfer case: 2-speed
    • Steering: power assisted
    • Tires: 12.5×20 MPT radial
    • Brakes: hydraulic power assisted
    • Electrical system: 24V, 55A
    • Side slope: 42%
    • Ground clearance: 53 cm
    • Vertical obstacle: 80 cm
    • Grade: 60%
    • Water fording capability: 1 m


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