Versatile Electro-Optical Surveillance Payload (VESPA)

Situational awareness is the key to success in any combat operation and security effort, and surveillance is one of the primary building blocks of situational awareness.

Military, paramilitary, HLS, law enforcement and security organizations require cost-effective, versatile surveillance and targeting systems that are easy to install, maintain and operate, to provide input for their situational awareness picture and support tactical operations.

Along with radar sensors, optical and thermal sensors are the most important and widely-used sensors in today’s surveillance systems.

State-of-the-art optical and thermal sensors can be encapsulated into efficient and stabilized payloads, combined with such active measures as laser rangefinders and pointers to form different operational configurations, and employed in an extensive range of combat, defense and security applications in the air, at sea and on the ground.

ACS presents VESPA – Versatile Electro-Optical Surveillance Payload.

VESPA is an extensive family of electro-optical surveillance and targeting payloads for airborne, seaborne and ground applications.

The compact payloads of the VESPA family may be fitted with different resources to form a configuration that best suits the user’s needs and the tactical situation at hand. This is achieved by using the “Wedge” method: different “wedges”, containing different sensor combinations, are fitted into the payload according to the circumstances and operational requirements. VESPA “wedges” may be replaced in the field with no need for payload readjustment or recalibration.

VESPA “wedges” can contain different configurations of daytime video cameras (color CCD), thermal (IR) imagers, laser rangefinders and pointers and similar devices.

All VESPA payloads are gyro stabilized.

VESPA payloads may be fitted to such aerial platforms as UAVs, helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, various types of naval vessels, land vehicles and static ground installations (masts, etc.).

Extensive family of surveillance & targeting payloads

  • Fully self-contained payload design – no separate electronics
  • Wedge concept enables prompt reconfiguration in the field as well as future upgrading
  • No readjustment required following wedge replacement
  • Suitable for airborne, seaborne and ground applications
  • Automatic video tracking option
  • VESPA Models:
    • VESPA Basic: color CCD, 320 x 240 thermal imager & laser pointer.
    • VESPA Extended: color CCD, 640 x 480 thermal imager & laser pointer (laser rangefinder optional).
    • VESPA Improved: upgraded color CCD, upgraded 640 x 480 thermal imager & laser pointer (laser rangefinder optional).
    • VESPA Special Surveillance: long-range color CCD, 380 x 480 or 640 x 480 long-range thermal imager, wide-angle CCD (laser rangefinder optional).
    • VESPA Targeting: color CCD, 640 x 480 thermal imager, laser pointer, laser rangefinder & laser designator.
    • VESPA High-Definition: high-definition daytime color zoom camera, HD IR sensor, laser rangefinder & laser designator (laser pointer optional).


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