Versatile Multiple-Sensor Electro-Optical Surveillance Payload (VMS-EOSP)

Surveillance is the primary building block of situational awareness.

Military, paramilitary, HLS, law enforcement and security organizations require cost-effective, versatile surveillance and targeting systems that are easy to install, maintain and operate, to provide input for their situational awareness picture and support their tactical operations.

Payloads containing optical and thermal sensors combined with active targeting measures are currently the norm for cutting-edge surveillance in the air, at sea and on the ground, and are employed in an extensive range of combat, defense and security applications.

The ultimate objective of multiple-sensor surveillance payloads is versatility – the same payload should be able to fulfill as many surveillance and targeting functions as possible: daytime and night surveillance, range measurement and target designation.

ACS presents VMS-EOSP – Versatile Multiple-Sensor Electro-Optical Surveillance Payload.

VMS-EOSP may be fitted with up to four different resources to form a configuration that best suits the user’s needs and the tactical situation at hand.

VMS-EOSP may be installed on UAVs, fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, naval vessels and ground vehicles as well as in ground-based installations (masts, etc.).

The high definition variant of VMS-EOSP offers enhanced fields of view and higher quality images during both daytime and night operation, along with a combined laser designation & range measurement capability. This configuration is uniquely suitable for persistent area surveillance applications.

State-of-the-art versatile surveillance payload

  • Day and night operations
  • Payload constitutes a single LRU
  • Payload can accommodate up to four elements: day/night sensors, lasers and a video tracker
  • Four control modes: manual, auto tracking, enslave and scan
  • High definition targeting configuration includes additional laser pointer and rangefinder
  • Effective 4-gimbal stabilization for excellent image quality
  • Image enhancement option
  • Suitable to military, paramilitary, HLS and security applications and to platforms including UAVs, armored vehicles, UGVs and small naval vessels
  • Specifications:
    • Dimensions: 14″ (350mm) diameter, 23″ (555mm) high for UAVs;
    • 15″ (380mm) diameter, 21.8″ (500mm) high for other platforms
    • Weight: 28-32kg, depending on configuration
    • Stabilization: < 15µRad
    • Field of regard: 360° continuous (azimuth); -110° to +25° (elevation)
    • Slew rate: up to 100°/sec.
    • Power consumption: < 200W (average), 600W (maximum)
    • Communication port: RS422
    • IR camera: 640×480 pixels
    • Daytime camera: various options, FOV 0.3° to 40°
  • Optional sensors: laser rangefinder, laser pointer, laser designator + rangefinder, automatic video tracker


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